Domestic Cruise Terminal – Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Kanhoji Angre island

JN Port is the biggest container handling port in India, handling around 55% of the country’s containerized cargo, crossing the historic landmark of 4 million TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent units) in container throughout consecutively for the last five years. In its coveted role as the Hub Port on the West Coast of India, JNP is ranked 28th among the top 100 Container Ports in the world.


Where as,  Kanhoji Angre Island previously known as Khanderi Island is a dome shaped island marking the southern boundary of Mumbai harbour and situated opposite Thal Fishing Port in Alibagh. The island can be approached by sea from Thal (4.5 kms.), Alibagh (9.5 kms.) and Gateway of India (23 kms.).

Kanhoji Angre Island has a fort, built by the Portuguese which was occupied by the Marathas to lodge their Armyand Navy. Kanhoji Angre was an Admiral of the Maratha Navy who created a base on Khanderi Island and inflicted casualities on colonial powers by attacking their merchant ships. Kanhoji Angre took command of the Maratha Navy in 1708. He fought and won a number of sea battles till his death in 1729. Khanderi Island was renamed in his honour in 1998 on the occasion of 125th Anniversary of Mumbai Port Trust.

The Kanhoji Angre Island is a historic symbol of the naval heroics of Kanhoji Angre. The battlements and fortifications of Shivaji Maharaj’s times are still intact and can be seen as you climb up the steep,  paved approach from the jetty to the lighthouse. To the right of the landing jetty is a small temple under a banyan tree  dedicated to Vetal a minor Hindu deity. Close by is a Mohammedan Tomb which has acquired sanctity
as a resting place of Pir Daud. The local fisher folk propitiate both these island deities with offerings.

Khanderi Island is also known for its lighthouse which came into existence in 1852 with the construction of a beacon. The work of construction of the lighthouse was started in October 1866 and the lighting equipment  consisting of a 1st order optic assembly and large wick  lamp, manufactured by M/s.Chance Bros., Birmingham was supplied an installed on the tower.

The lighthouse is a 17m high octagonal masonry tower with an elevation of 47 mtrs. The great lamp reveals its wonders when you have climbed to its level up many narrow winding stairs. A sphere of mirrors surrounds the actual light which is a hollow hexagon smoothly narrowing to an oval top. The sides of the hexagon are fashioned of great triangular prisms that reflect the light from every angle, concentrate and magnify it ten thousand folds to project it finally in rhythmical flashes through the cylindrical lenses that are like eyes in each of the sides. The crystal sphere weighing nearly two tonnes, revolves smoothly and allows the light to flash every 10 seconds upto a range of 25 nautical miles.

The light was converted to solar power based modern light in July 2008 and is fully automated.

The decision to explore the tourist potential of Kanhoji Angre Island Lighthouse for visitors of Mumbai and around has been taken as this lighthouse is a serene and extremely environment friendly destination. The fort bastion and canon point in the island are worth visiting for a historical perspective. The island has picturesque views and visitors coming here can enjoy an enriching experience